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 Rollor Coaster([b]PROTOTYPE[/b])

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Registration date : 2008-12-07

PostSubject: Rollor Coaster([b]PROTOTYPE[/b])   Fri Dec 19, 2008 11:18 am

Rollor Coaster(PROTOTYPE)


v 2a p 2v,v 2c 15 1s,ge k4 i9 lb js m7 lf n5 n1 o3 oj p3 q5 q3 rm r3 t7 s5 uo t7 108 u9 11p vb 139 10e 14p 11i 169 12l 17u 13t,17o 13p 198 14t 1ao 161 1c7 170 1e6 17q 1g5 18l 1i3 19g 1k1 1ac,gc k3 f2 jb,f1 ja do i4,1jr 1a8 1kq 1am 1lt 1at 1n5 1b2 1ol 1b6 1qf 1b9 1sj 1b9 1uj 1b8 20o 1b8 22h 1b7 24e 1b6 26f 1b4 28j 1av 2ap 1ah 2d1 19q,2fb 18s 2hn 17n 2k4 16e 2me 158 2og 146 2qa 139 2ru 12f 2tc 11o 2v1 10t 30d 106 31k vj 32r uv,3k6 107 3kg 123 3k8 146 3jr 15s 3jg 17l 3j6 19h 3iu 1bf 3im 1df 3if 1fg 3i9 1hk 3i4 1jo,16n 121 100 t8 qc pe,qc pd kr lv fk j0,fk j0 ea hp,16n 121 1b8 15a 1ci 16a 1jr 19j 1kq 1a3,32r v0 35f tk,30i v1 37s rd 3ac qn 3b9 qj 3cs qm 3g6 re 3ig sd 3jk te 3kb u8 3ks vd 3lb 126 3ku 14n 3jh 1e7 3j1 1jp 3j1 1lq,2cv 19q 2fi 18q,35e tj 3ao rg 3do rp,3ds rp 3ii th 3k9 108,3i0 1li 3i0 1n0 3i0 1oh 3i0 1qf 3i0 1s6 3i0 1u3 3i0 205 3i1 22f 3i5 257 3ij 27t 3ja 2ad 3kb 2cm 3ll 2en 3n0 2gf 3o8 2i0 3pe 2jb 3qq 2kg 3sf 2lh 3ua 2me 40c 2n6 42i 2ns 44s 2of 47a 2ov 49t 2pd 4cj 2po 4fb 2q2 4i5 2qb 4l1 2qj 4nv 2qq 4qu 2qv 4tu 2r3 50s 2r5 53f 2r7 55q 2r8 580 2r7 59t 2r4 5bm 2r3 5di 2r1 5fk 2qv 5hq 2qu 5k5 2qs 5ml 2qp 5p8 2qk 5ru 2qg 5ui 2qc 60s 2q8 62u 2q5 64p 2q3 66c 2q0 688 2ps 69u 2pl,69u 2pl 6bf 2pb 6cr 2ou 6e3 2of 6fj 2np 6gu 2n1 6id 2m4 6jt 2l2 6le 2ju 6mv 2ir 6oi 2ho 6q5 2gm 6ro 2fk,71b 2br 76c 27p,76b 27q 771 273 77s 268 78u 252 79t 23o 7aq 22b 7bi 20v 7c4 1vj 7ce 1u5 7ch 1sj 7cb 1qt 7bt 1p6 7b0 1nk 79s 1m4 78j 1kn 774 1jc 75e 1i5 73h 1h4 71v 1gg 70c 1fu 6uo 1ff 6t3 1f5 6rf 1f0 6pq 1ev 6nn 1f3 6ln 1ff 6jr 1g5 6i0 1h3 6g7 1i7 6ei 1je 6d4 1kq 6c4 1md 6be 1o6 6as 1q1 6ae 1ru 6aa 1ts,6a8 1tl 6am 1uf 6b5 1v8 6bo 205 6cd 20v 6d5 21p 6dt 22g 6ek 234 6fc 23o 6g6 24d 6gu 24v,6gr 24s 6o1 2aa,3i1 1je 3i4 1jb,3i4 1jk 3i1 1lr,70p 2av 75s 271,75q 26v 793 23f 7b0 20b 7bp 1ub 7bo 1rg 7bb 1pg 7ab 1nn 76e 1jn 759 1im 72d 1hh 6tk 1g0 6qs 1fl,6ho 1i8 6e6 1l1 6bp 1pi 6b3 1tl 6cm 202 6h7 240 6of 29m,6qv 1fk 6oe 1fn 6lg 1g6 6if 1hi 6hf 1if,6v3 2h0 7nj 379#6v8 2d8 6rk 2fl,6v1 2db 723 2b5,5fd 2ed 565 2ja 5g2 2m7 59n 2np,5jo 2cv 5ja 2la,5rl 2d3 5m6 2i7 5re 2o3 5ue 2ie 5r7 2da,5ti 2e3 60l 2ob,60l 2o0 620 2iv 63e 2ml 64i 2gv#B 6jj 1gq 7j,B 703 1g5 8q,B 72h 1h1 90,B 74o 1i3 95,B 790 1lg a2,B 7bh 1pc aj,B 7c6 1t5 b1,B 7bt 1us d,B 7ai 21p v,B 77u 25i 17,B 763 27j 19,B 73c 29e 1k,B 718 2b6 1i,B 6r2 2fh 1d,B -5 1u 2q,B -3t -1c 2q
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peanut butta

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Location : Skippy Jar
Registration date : 2008-11-30

PostSubject: Re: Rollor Coaster([b]PROTOTYPE[/b])   Fri Dec 19, 2008 12:51 pm

it is ok...keep at it
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Pro Freerider
Pro Freerider

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Age : 22
Location : In the forests of Alaska!!!
Registration date : 2008-11-30

PostSubject: Re: Rollor Coaster([b]PROTOTYPE[/b])   Fri Dec 19, 2008 12:56 pm

I have to say that i dont like the track itself, but the idea of a semi-self-propelled-auto sounds pretty good.
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PostSubject: Re: Rollor Coaster([b]PROTOTYPE[/b])   

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Rollor Coaster([b]PROTOTYPE[/b])
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