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 PacMan Maze (Not Finished)

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Max Xtreme X2
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high moderator- freerider
Max Xtreme X2

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PacMan Maze (Not Finished) Empty
PostSubject: PacMan Maze (Not Finished)   PacMan Maze (Not Finished) Icon_minitimeThu Dec 18, 2008 6:12 pm

-18 1i 18 1i 18 -a a -a,-18 1i -18 -a -a -a,-u -2g -4m -2g,-u -2g -u -3o -4c -3o,-4m -3o -42 -3o,-4m -6s -4m -3o,-4m k -4m -2g,-4m -6s -5u -6s -5u k -4m k,u -2g 4m -2g 4m k,u -2g u -3o 4m -3o 4m -6s 5u -6s 5u k 4m k,k -2g k -1i,-k -2g -k -1i k -1i,-k -2g -k -5a -3o -5a,k -2g k -5a 3o -5a 3o -6i -3o -6i -3o -5a,6s -6i 9m -6i a0 -6i a0 -5a 6s -5a 6s -6i,-6s -6i -6s -5a,-6s -6i -a0 -6i -a0 -5a -6s -5a#-a -a a -a#T 0 k

If you want to finish it:

PacMan Maze (Not Finished) 1200083483_pacman-big

Do that.

My name is Max Xtreme, and this is my end...
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PacMan Maze (Not Finished)
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