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peanut butta
peanut butta

Number of posts : 575
Age : 27
Location : Skippy Jar
Registration date : 2008-11-30

PostSubject: BMX POSSIBLE 10   BMX POSSIBLE 10 Icon_minitimeWed Dec 17, 2008 12:55 pm

Read "BMX POSSIBLE INFO" if you need details on my BMX POSSIBLE tracks.

Beat this track:
peanut butta,

-18 1i 18 1i 18 18,-18 1i -18 18,-1i 18 -1i u,-1s u -1s k,-26 k -26 a,-2g a -2g 0,1i 18 1i u,1s u 1s k,26 k 26 a,2g a 2g 0,2q 0 2q -a,34 -a 34 -k,3e -k 3e -u,3o -u 3o -18,42 -18 42 -1i,4c -1i 4c -1s,4m 1i 9c 1i 9c 18,a0 18 9m 18,ak u aa u,b8 k au k,bi a bs a,c6 k cg k,cq u d4 u,de 18 i4 18 j2 16 jq q k9 7,p7 -3q q0 -2p r8 -1u sg -1m t9 -1k tq -1k tt -1k vc -e vf -4,16v 1l 15u 43 14r 69 12b 98 108 bg uj ce s6 dk r8 dk qc dm pm dm o6 dm n6 dm lm dm jj dm jg dm iq dm ib d7 i1 co hs c9 i1 c2,hp c7 hu c7 g7 dm ck ek at ep 9j ep 6f ep 65 ed 5e dr 4g cj 49 bj 44 ag 44 df 3s fd 3b fg 36 fl -30 f8 -3u f6 -53 en -66 ed -6o dp -79 d0##O cu -4v,O eq -5q,O h5 -67,O k4 -6c,O p4 -1m,O pl -o,O ov 1n,O ov 32,O ol 3m,O n3 42,O mf 4h,T di 1u
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