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 lets see you do this Blob Style

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peanut butta
peanut butta

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lets see you do this Blob Style Empty
PostSubject: lets see you do this Blob Style   lets see you do this Blob Style Icon_minitimeMon Dec 15, 2008 4:29 pm

vehicle: ???/Blob
it is beatable...good luck
BY the way i beat it in 3.253 as my do not have to post scores... it is for your own pride if you beat it

-18 1i 18 1i,21 -11 -1p 2n,1r -10 22 -12 22 -r,23 -13 1a -13,23 -14 2a -l##T 0 -13,T 1h -1i,T 19 -1d,T -2g 34,T -2a 33,T -26 3g,T -28 3q,T -2c 41,T -30 40,T -38 3u,T -3c 3l,T -37 3a,T -2s 37,T -2j 37,T -2f 3i,T -2i 3o,T -2r 3r,T -30 3m,T -30 3d,T -2q 3c,T -2k 3e
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lets see you do this Blob Style
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