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 Gridded Bars

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peanut butta

Number of posts : 575
Age : 26
Location : Skippy Jar
Registration date : 2008-11-30

PostSubject: Gridded Bars   Sun Dec 14, 2008 10:09 am

Vehicle: Bmx, Mountain Bike or Truck
-18 1i 18 1i 2g 1i 2g -1i,2g -26 2g -1i,2g 18 26 1i,1s 1i 2g u,-18 1s 2q 1s 2q -26 2q -2g -2q -2g -34 -2g -3e -2g -5a -2g -5a 4c -5a 4m 6s 4m 6s -68 -9c -68 -9c 8e bi 8e bs 8e bs -b8 -em -b8 -em do ie do ie -i4,2g -26 1s -26 u -26 -2q -26 -34 -26 -50 -26 -50 42 -50 4c 6i 4c 6i -4m 6i -5u -92 -5u -92 84 bi 84 bi -au -ec -au -ec de gi de i4 de i4 -hq -li -hq -li h6 -li jc,2g -1s 26 -26,1s -26 2g -1i,-18 1i -1i 1i -1i 1s -18 1s,-18 1i -18 u -1i u -1i 1i,-4m -26 -50 -1s,-50 -1i -4c -26,-ls jm -ls -i4 ie -i4,i4 d4 hq de,hg de i4 cq,-e2 de -ec d4,-ec cq -do de,-8o 84 -92 7q,-92 7g -8e 84,-92 -5k -8o -5u,-8e -5u -92 -5a,68 4c 6i 42,6i 3o 5u 4c,-4m 4c -50 42,-50 3o -4c 4c,6i -5k 68 -5u,5u -5u 6i -5a,bi -ak b8 -au,au -au bi -aa,-e2 -au -ec -ak,-ec -aa -do -au,-l8 jc -li j2,-li io -ku jc -li jc,-li -hg -l8 -hq,-ku -hq -li -h6,i4 -hg hq -hq,hg -hq i4 -h6,b8 84 bi 7q,bi 7g au 84,mq jc -ku jc,-ls jm n4 jm n4 fk mq fk mq jc,rq o2 -pa o2 -pa om r6 om so om uk om uk pa 11o pa 11o pu 13k pu 13k qi -tm qi -tm pu -rq pu -rq pa -q8 pa -q8 om -p0 om,so om so o2 rq o2,uk pa -q8 pa,-i4 jm -io o2,-ie o2 -hq jm,-c6 jm -c6 o2,-bs o2 -bs jm,-a jm -a o2,0 o2 0 jm,a0 jm a0 o2,aa o2 aa jm,kk jm kk o2,ku o2 ku jm,m6 jm no o2,o2 o2 mg jm,ie jm gs o2,h6 o2 io jm,em o2 e2 jm,ec jm f0 o2,bs o2 bi o2 cg jm,cq jm bs o2,8e o2 5u jm,68 jm 8o o2,3o jm 18 o2,1i o2 42 jm,-u jm -42 o2,-4c o2 -42 no,-18 jm -4c o2,-6i o2 -5a jm,-5k jm -6s o2,-92 o2 -92 no -92 jm,-9c jm -9c o2,-do o2 -fa jm,-fk jm -e2 o2,-l8 jm -li o2,-l8 o2 -ku jm,-76 jc -6s jc,11o pu -rq pu#-u 1s -18 4c,-u 4c -k 1s,0 1s 0 4c,a 4c a 1s,2g 4m 2g 84,2q 84 2q 4m,3e 4m 5a 84,5k 84 3o 4m,5u 4m 68 84,6i 84 68 4m,1s 84 -k 4m,-a 4m 26 84,-1i 4m -1i 84,-1s 84 -1s 4m,-2g 4m -4m 84,-50 84 -2q 4m,-4m 4m -5a 84,-5k 84 -50 4m,-8o 8e -a0 de,-9m de -8e 8e,-6s 8e -6s de,-6i de -6i 8e,18 8e 18 de,1i 8e 1i de,a0 8e a0 de,aa de aa 8e,b8 8e c6 de,cg de bi 8e,7q 8e 68 de,6i de 84 8e,4m de 2q 8e,34 8e 50 de,-42 8e -3e de,-34 de -3o 8e,-u 8e 0 de,a de -k 8e,fk do fk jc,fu jc fu do,76 do 6s jc,76 jc 7g do,-1s do -1s jc,-1i jc -1i do,-ak jc -ak do,-aa do -aa jc,-c6 do -f0 jc,-em jc -bs do,-76 jc -6s jc,-68 jc -7q do,-7g do -5u jc,a jc k do,u do k jc,2g do 50 jc,5a jc 2q do,9c jc 8o do,92 do 9m jc,bi jc do do,e2 do bs jc,gs do j2 jc,jc jc h6 do,-3o do -4c jc,-42 jc -3e do,34 4c 2g 1s,2q 1s 3e 4c,1i 1s 18 4c,1i 4c 1s 1s#T ls io,G -ku j2 5k,G -do d4 5k,G -l8 -h6 8e,G hg -hg b8,G hq cq 2q,G b8 7g 2q,G au -ak b8,G -e2 -aa 8e,G -4c 42 5k,G -8e 7q 5k,G -8o -5a 8e,G 5u -5k b8,G 68 3o 2q,G -4m -1i 8e,G 1s -1s b8,G 26 u 2q
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Gridded Bars
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