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 Water(how fast can you beat it!)

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Registration date : 2008-12-07

Water(how fast can you beat it!) Empty
PostSubject: Water(how fast can you beat it!)   Water(how fast can you beat it!) Icon_minitimeTue Dec 09, 2008 4:46 pm

post your time here

can you beat it under a minute

my time is 35.009

i know it has crappy detail i just made it for fun

-18 1i 18 1i 1v 1i 2o 1q 3f 27 4a 2o,nd fk ng fq,47 2m 8d 5a 15g o5 2bj 1ib,2bh 1ib 2c8 1it 2d2 1jg 2e5 1k9 2fc 1l1 2gp 1lr 2i3 1mh 2jg 1n7 2l4 1ns 2mr 1od 2oh 1or 2q5 1p5 2rm 1pc 2t5 1pg 2ud 1pk 2vr 1pl 314 1pl,311 1pi 3jo 1pi 4h5 1pi,4gk 1pi 4hg 1pj 4ie 1pi 4jg 1pg 4ko 1pb 4lu 1p4 4na 1oq 4om 1od 4q1 1nr 4r9 1n5 4sb 1md 4t7 1ll 4u3 1ko 4un 1jr 4v4 1j1 4vf 1i6 4vo 1hf,5dl 1ju 5du 1l0 5ed 1lu 5f4 1mt 5g1 1nn 5hb 1oj 5il 1p7 5k4 1pp 5lk 1q6 5n7 1qh 5om 1qp 5pu 1qt 5r7 1r2 5s8 1r5 5t6 1r7,5dk 1jt 5d3 1hl,5g5 1ns 5fv 1op 5fj 1pr 5f3 1qu 5eh 1rs 5du 1sp 5d5 1tq 5cc 1uj 5be 1vc 5af 201 59h 20f 58i 20s 57g 218 56d 21k 55a 21v 54b 228 53a 22i 526 22u,52a 22r 4ou 257 4o3 25c 4nm 25e 4nh 25g,4nq 25c 4n2 25e 4me 25e 2kr 25e,2bd 1vt -5q 1p -fe 1p -fe -3f -fd -9r,2bb 1vr 2c2 209 2cv 20q 2dt 21c 2ep 21r 2fk 22a 2gi 22q 2he 238 2i8 23l 2j3 240 2jr 249 2ki 24h 2l8 24m 2ls 24r 2mh 250,2md 24v 2on 25e,5t2 1r6 8an 1r4 8h0 1r4,8gu 1r6 8gu 1s3 8gv 1st 8h1 1tn 8h4 1uk 8h9 1vf 8hf 20c 8ho 21a 8i3 225 8if 22s,8ie 22r 8ip 23c 8j6 23u 8jj 24g 8k1 253 8kh 25m 8l3 26b 8ln 26u 8ma 27g 8mu 283 8ni 28l 8o9 296 8p1 29m 8pq 2a4 8qj 2ah 8rd 2as 8s7 2b5 8t3 2bd 8tu 2bj 8up 2bo 8vh 2bq 90c 2br 916 2br,90v 2bt 963 2bt 9hh 2bt,9hf 2bt 9ib 2bp 9j9 2bi 9k5 2ba 9ku 2b2 9lp 2an 9mi 2aa,a43 2b3 aiv 2b0,a4f 2hm ais 2hm aju 2hm,ajl 2hm akh 2hm alm 2hj amp 2hf ao2 2h7 ap6 2gv aqa 2gm arf 2ga ash 2fs ath 2fc auf 2eq avf 2e1 b0a 2d6,ait 2av ajl 2as ake 2al al8 2ab alv 29v amk 29i an5 296,b3n 29c b5a 29c b6v 29c b8s 29c bb2 29c bcn 29c bek 29c bg8 29c bhk 29c bj2 29c,9nt 2rr a3b 2rr,a3b 2j2 a3b 2rr,a65 2ou a62 2ou,a4g 2ho a3b 2j2,a4g 2hl 9vt 2hl a3b 2md,a46 2b2 a3h 2ar a31 2ae a29 29s,an5 295 am6 295 al4 295 ak0 295 aim 295 ahh 295 aga 295 af0 295 adm 295 aca 295 aau 295 a9q 295 a8m 295 a7n 295 a6n 295 a5r 295 a51 295 a47 295 a3e 295 a2o 295 a26 295 a1o 295 a21 29l a2f 2a0,biu 29e bjq 29b bkr 297 bm3 28v bn8 28l boe 289 bph 27t bqn 27d brr 26p bsp 262 btk 258 buc 24d bv2 23d bvj 22c bvv 21e c07 20i c0e 1vk c0k 1ur c0p 1u5,c0o 1u1 c21 1u1 c3h 1u1 c4p 1u1 c61 1u1 c73 1u1 c83 1u1,c82 1u1 ckg 1sq,cr0 1t0 cs8 1t0 cto 1t0 cv9 1t0 d12 1t0 d31 1t0 d56 1t0 dj5 1t0,d8l 1t0 daf 1t0 dc4 1t0 de0 1t0 dfk 1t0,did 1t0 dji 1t0 dkl 1t0 dll 1t0 dmt 1t0 do8 1t0 dpb 1t0,cr0 1t0 cr7 1tp,crg 1up crq 1vt cs8 214 csm 227 ct6 23a ctn 24c cuc 25d cv4 26c d00 279 d0t 284 d1s 28r d2t 29g d3u 2a2 d51 2ai d62 2b0 d73 2bd d87 2bp d9b 2c1 da9 2c8 dbe 2cd dd1 2ch deb 2cj dfq 2ck dh6 2cj dic 2cf djf 2c8 dkj 2bs dli 2bb dmc 2ao dn6 2a1 dnt 298 doh 28d dp5 27e dpn 26d dq6 25c dqj 24c dqv 23b dr9 22c drj 21a drr 209 ds4 1v6,dp7 1t0 dru 1t0,ds3 1vb ds6 1um ds5 1u2 ds4 1tf ds3 1su,c83 1u3 c8l 1v8 c97 20b c9o 21b cac 22e cb1 23h cbi 24e cc5 25g cck 26b cd3 277 cdh 282 cdt 28o ceq 27s,ceq 27s cfl 26l cgd 25c ch1 246 chh 232 ci0 222 cif 212 ciu 1vt cjf 1up ck1 1tp ckg 1sv,cfh 26u cga 26k ch9 26p cib 279 cjc 27l cki 27s clm 27v cmq 27r cns 27i cor 274 cpn 26n cqk 26c crj 26a csi 26f ctg 26n cuc 26v cv9 276 d01 27a,do1 291 dot 297 dpr 298 dqr 294 drq 28s dsp 28h dtn 287 dul 283 dvl 282 e0h 283 e1f 288 e2b 28d e3f 28e e4p 28c e62 288 e7j 287 e8v 28b eab 28i ebq 28q edd 291 ef3 292 egp 291,dpe 1su dpe 1qh di2 1t0,dpe 1qh dru 1qh dru 1ss,dpc 1r2 dnq 1r2 dnq 1ss,dnq 1rm dm5 1rm dm5 1su,cvg 1su d4h 1ro d4h 1ss,d3d 1rv d3d 1ss,d27 1sb d27 1ss,d0v 1sg d0v 1su,d3b 1sl d3b 1t0,e6m 25l e7f 260 e8d 269 e9a 26g ea9 26l ebb 26p ecg 26s edj 26r eem 26o efk 26h egh 267 eh9 25u ehs 264 ehi 26q egt 27d eft 27t eet 287 eds 28f ect 28k ebu 28o eas 28l e9t 28f e8v 285 e84 27o e7b 278 e6q 26o e6j 262 e6h 25e,ebs 26r eba 27f eap 283 eaa 28o e9s 29c,ecv 26t ecd 27k ebr 28c ebb 291 eas 29j eam 2a6 eas 2ap ead 2b8 e9n 2b7 e97 2an e91 2a0 e97 29a e9s 296,ebu 26t ecl 270,ego 294 ei0 292 ej6 28s ek8 28j el6 289,el1 28a ema 289 eo0 287 epg 28c er7 28j et5 28p ev3 28u f0t 28r f2j 28l f48 28e f5p 28a f7a 28e f8t 28p faj 294 fcc 298,emp 285 emp 268 flr 268,emp 268 enj 268 enj 285,erq 28j ern 26h eso 26h eso 268,erq 26h ers 26c,esm 26h esm 28m,f3r 28f f3r 268,f58 287 f58 26a,fas 291 fas 26c,fbo 28q fbm 268,fbm 28f fbm 294,fc8 299 fcd 2sh,fc6 299 ful 299,fhs 268 fhs 29b,fit 268 fit 29b,flk 26a fnr 26a fnr 299,fnp 26a fp1 26a fp1 299,fov 26c fpo 26c,fpm 26e fqt 26e fsc 26b ftv 266 fv8 260 g0h 25p g1v 25f g38 253 g4d 24n g5e 249 g6g 23o,g6b 23q g74 23d g7u 22t g8q 227 g9f 21g ga3 20p gal 1vv gb3 1v4 gbe 1u9 gbn 1tj gc0 1t0 gcq 1t1 gdk 1t4 geg 1t4 gfe 1t4 ggg 1t4 ghi 1t5 gif 1t6 gj9 1t6,gjb 1t5 gjb 1uc gjd 1vj gjs 210 gkj 224 glk 233 gn0 23q gog 248 gpv 24g gr8 24l gsk 24r gtq 24t gv2 24r h0g 24l h22 24b h3d 242,h3a 243 h48 23k h5a 230 h6d 228 h7k 21d h8v 20g ha4 1vn hbb 1ut hck 1u2,hcj 1u0 hdq 1u0 hf7 1u0 hgj 1u0 hi1 1u0 hj7 1u0 hkb 1u0 hlb 1u0,hlc 1tt hlc 1ss hlc 1s1 hlc 1r8 hlc 1qk,cqu 1tr cqt 1t2,cr6 1tm crh 1v3,cqs 1t1 cpr 1t1 cqp 1tp,avb 2e1 avs 2dk b0e 2d3 b0t 2ch b1b 2bu b1n 2bb b21 2ao b28 2a4 b2d 29i,b2c 29f b30 29d b3l 29c,avf 2du av5 2e9,9nr 2rp 9nr 29m 9n3 2a5 9m9 2ah#4vm 1hd 4vm 1ca 4vk 19u 503 193 506 18b 506 17t 503 175 4vv 165 4vv 158 505 14b 508 13j 506 12q 505 122,505 11v 506 11d 506 10h 506 101 503 v8 503 um 503 u9,506 u9 4vk tn,4vq tp 4uv t3 4v8 sf 4vr s6 515 sa 54j sa 55i sl 5a7 sl,5a8 sj 5b4 sc 5fk sc 5gg t1 5h0 tc,5h3 tc 5ft u7 5d3 13s 5dl 15m 5dq 170 5dl 186 5dq 198 5dn 1a7 5dn 1au 5dq 1br 5ds 1dp,5dq 1dl 5dp 1e4 5d8 1fd 5d3 1gi 5cu 1h7 5d3 1ho,54c 10u 54t 12b 54u 14d 54n 177 54u 18f 54r 1a5,52o 1ae 531 1bd 531 1eq 53c 1fc 534 1gg 533 1hm,5al 133 5al 10r 5ae 10c 5a7 vu,5a7 vm 5a7 vf,5a7 vb 5a7 ut,5ep 12o 5eb 13c 5ee 13l 5er 13p 5f0 13g 5ep 133 5ei 12m,57e rm 57g s3 57s s6 580 rv,580 rt 580 rp 57p ri 57i rf,5a7 v8 5a7 vv,587 1dg 587 1ga 57s 1gn 57u 1ht 582 1im 582 1jg 580 1k0,4vm 1hg 4vm 1il 4vm 1j6 4vm 1jl 4vf 1kc 4vf 1l5 4vh 1lk 4va 1n3 4ut 1ob 4u7 1ov 4sq 1pj 4rd 1pq 4pu 1qo 4no 1r2 4m4 1rh 4lg 1rh 4in 1r9 4hr 1rm 4fv 1re 4eo 1rr 4cu 1s5 4bm 1rt 4am 1rr,4ak 1rr 499 1s2,497 1s2 479 1s7,471 1s5 45n 1rm 44k 1rh,44h 1rh 43k 1rr 42t 1sc 42c 1sh 411 1sf 3vl 1s5 3v6 1rt,3uu 1rr 3u0 1rm 3t2 1ro 3sf 1s0 3rj 1s7 3qt 1sc 3ps 1sf 3p6 1sh 3ol 1sc 3o1 1sa 3ni 1s7 3n0 1s5 3ma 1s2 3lc 1s2 3ke 1s5 3jv 1sa 3je 1sf 3ig 1sp 3hd 1su 3g3 1t0 3f7 1su 3ee 1sm 3do 1sh 3cb 1s7 3bn 1s5 3b3 1sa 3a6 1sk 39f 1sp 38r 1t0 387 1t5 382 1t8 37c 1t3 36t 1su 36c 1sp 35q 1sh 359 1sc 351 1sc 33s 1s7 32u 1sh 32a 1sm 31f 1sm 2vl 1sm 2u1 1sf 2tg 1s7 2sf 1ro 2qk 1r7 2pc 1r2 2oj 1r2 2o4 1r2 2ng 1qt 2mi 1qg 2m8 1qb 2li 1pq 2km 1pn 2kd 1pj 2k3 1pb 2jm 1ol 2ie 1nf 2he 1n8 2h6 1n8 2g4 1mr 2ef 1m5 2e5 1lu 2cp 1lc 2ca 1l0 2bj 1kc 2ae 1jg 2a1 1j1 275 1h6 25r 1gs 255 1em 24r 1ea 247 1e2 23l 1dr 231 1dm 22g 1dh 21q 1dc 218 1d7 20k 1ct 1vu 1cj 1vf 1ce 1ur 1c1 1u7 1bl 1t9 1b3 1s6 19u 1r3 18r 1qb 18k 1pi 187 1om 180 1nj 17h 1n9 17c 1n0 16t 1mo 16j 1mh 15q 1lv 154 1ll 14q 1l4 14b 1k6 13p 1jd 13i 1j1 13g 1hr 133 1ha 12u 1gc 12k 1g4 12i 1f2 11h 1ej 115 1e9 10r 1dg 109 1ci vm 1bk v9 1b5 v2 19t u9 197 tl 18l tb 17q su 171 sn 166 s3 15s rp 14p rd 145 qu 13f q2 12h pj 12c ph 11g om 10o ng 101 mn v8 m6 sp kn rr k3 r4 j7 qe ij p9 i4 ol ho nu h2 mp gg mf ge m3 fs ko ei iq d8 hg cp gu cf fu c5 er bm dh aq cj a4 bl 9g ag 8g 9s 83 98 7d 8k 70 85 6r 7h 6m 6j 5r 62 5f 5v 5a 51 3l 3q 2n 36 2g 20 2b 1c 29 t 29 c 26 -9 24 -e 21 -r 21 -12 1v -1f 1q -28 1g -2f 1b -36 s -3d n -3u a -4g -1 -56 -e -5o -l -6h -o -75 -v -7j -16 -80 -1e -8h -1j -8u -1o -98 -14,-ff -68 -8r -3k -a8 -o -fi -2v,-98 -18 -9n -18 -9s -1d -9u -1g -a8 -s -a6 -k -9p -a -9k -8 -9f 0 -8u 6 -8f e -7m t -77 12 -6t 19 -5v 1m -5q 1m,-18 1j -18 17 -1a 12,-1a v -15 -1n -6r -1u -6m -6p -ff -6r,9nt 2nn 9o5 2ni 9oh 2ng 9ou 2nd 9pa 2nd 9pd 2nd 9pi 2nd 9q1 2nd 9qd 2ne 9qu 2nj 9rd 2nn 9s2 2no 9sh 2nn 9t5 2nj 9tu 2ni 9vf 2ni a04 2ng a14 2nl a1e 2no,8gs 1s7 8h6 1s2 8hl 1rl 8i4 1rj 8ie 1rj 8iv 1rj 8jj 1rj 8k7 1rl 8ln 1s4 8mg 1sh 8nt 1so 8oo 1t2 8ph 1t2 8qs 1t7 8sj 1t5 8tj 1t2 8ur 1st 8v3 1so 906 1sr 90v 1sm 91t 1se 93h 1sc 955 1s9 95p 1sh 966 1sj 97j 1sr 989 1t0 99f 1t0 9af 1so 9au 1sj 9bs 1s2 9ce 1rt 9d9 1rt 9do 1rt 9eh 1rv 9f8 1s9 9g8 1sr 9h6 1tc 9ic 1tr 9ja 1tu 9k8 1u0 9lg 1tr 9m9 1tm 9mv 1tf 9no 1ta 9p8 1st 9q8 1so 9rg 1st 9se 1t5 9to 1tk 9uc 1tp 9vd 1u0 a0l 1ud a1t 1uk a45 1us a4u 1us a6j 1un a9d 1uf a9u 1uk ab4 1uk abb 1un ad9 1uu ae0 1v1 af8 1uu afk 1up agg 1up,agi 1up agv 1up ahg 1us aij 1uk ajh 1ud akk 1u8 am1 1u5 an2 1u8 aou 1ua aqg 1ui as9 1uu au0 1vb b0e 1vg b25 1vn b35 1vi b3s 1vd b59 1v8 b5j 1v6 b6o 1uu b9f 1v3 bal 1v8 bbv 1vd bdh 1vq bea 1vs bfb 1vv bge 201 bhc 204 bih 204 biu 1vv bju 1vq bl9 1vd blt 1vb,blr 1vb bmb 1vb bmn 1vc bn3 1vf bne 1vh bnq 1vj bo8 1vo bod 1vp bp3 1vv bpe 200 bpq 202 bqd 202 bqs 202 br9 201 brp 1vv bs2 1vu bsk 1vv bt6 205 bu4 20a bud 20b buv 208 bv4 208 bvb 208 bvg 20a bvm 20c,bvm 20c bvs 20e,c04 20e bvr 20e c07 20e,dpd 1qd dof 1q2,doh 1q2 drr 1q2 drt 1qf dpc 1qf,doh 1q2 dge 1su,dpq 1re dpv 1ru,dpq 1re dq5 1rf dq2 1rl dq6 1ro dq1 1rt,dqa 1re dq7 1rh dqb 1ro dqh 1rj,dqh 1ri dqb 1rf,dqt 1rd dqm 1rm,dqm 1rf dqu 1rk,do7 1s2 doc 1sc,do7 1s1 doc 1rt dog 1s3 dod 1s8 doh 1sb doh 1sf,doe 1se doc 1sb,doh 1rq dog 1s1 doj 1s8 don 1sa doq 1s8,doq 1s7 dot 1s4 dos 1s0 doq 1rr dol 1rq,doi 1rq dol 1rq,dp2 1rj dov 1s3,dos 1rm dp6 1ru,dm8 1sk dmd 1so,dm8 1sh dme 1sf,dmg 1sg dmh 1sk dme 1sn dmk 1sk dmq 1sl dmp 1sp dml 1sr dmd 1sr dmc 1so,dmq 1s7 dmn 1sc dmn 1sh dms 1sk dmv 1sj,dn2 1se dn0 1sb,dmu 1s8 dmq 1s7,dmu 1s8 dn1 1sb,dn1 1sd dmv 1sk,dn9 1s0 dn3 1sg,dn1 1s4 dne 1sd,d5r 1su d5r 1gc dg5 1gc dg5 1t0,d5o 21e d3r 228 d5o 23s,d62 23u d4l 256,d6p 21s d6l 24o,d8i 225 d8b 24v,d6g 23s d8b 23i,d9t 21u d9j 254,d8s 22a dak 228,d95 254 db7 24q,dc3 21l dc8 259,dc3 21q de6 225,dea 225 dc3 247,d7c 1i2 d7f 1k9 dck 1k9 dck 1hr d7c 1i5,de6 1ge de6 1cm dfi 1ck dfg 1g7,de8 1cm de6 1ch,de3 1cf ddv 1c5,dds 1c3 ddl 1be ddc 1ap dd9 1a1 dd9 19g,ddc 19q ddg 19c ddj 192,ddl 190 de1 18k de6 18i,de6 18f def 188 df4 184 df9 186,dfe 186 dfi 18b,dfn 18f dfu 18p dg1 18t dg5 19j,dg8 19l dgc 1am,dgc 1ap dgc 1b9,dgc 1bb dg5 1bu dfq 1co,d8s 1sn d8s 1p0 dbq 1p0,dbq 1r7 dbq 1p3,dbs 1r0 dbs 1su,d8s 1sd d8s 1sn,db7 1r3 db0 1r7 db2 1re db7 1re dbc 1r7 db7 1r0,hbn 1o9 hbn 1ld hco 1mc hbr 1n3,hdt 1m9 hd6 1n6 hdr 1o7 hes 1nf,hen 1na he2 1mc,hg7 1mj hf6 1n1 hg7 1nk hf8 1o4,hh8 1me hhc 1o0,hgn 1na hhf 1n3,hjm 1nr hjj 1mj hk9 1l6,hjj 1mj hj5 1lr,hkn 1m9 hk9 1n6 hkk 1nm hku 1n3,hl0 1n1 hkp 1mg,hlc 1mg hlh 1na hlo 1na hm8 1me,hmp 1n3 hmm 1me,hmm 1mo hn0 1mc hnc 1mj,hi4 1on hib 1pm,hhk 1oq hj7 1oj,hjc 1ph hjh 1q2,hj7 1p1 hjc 1p8,hjt 1pt hk4 1p8 hkg 1pm hki 1p6 hkr 1po,hle 1pm hl0 1p6 hlc 1on hlv 1p6 hl7 1p6#T hhb 1tf,O a33 2pc,O a0e 2pc,O 9tq 2pc,O 9q9 2pc,O 9s2 2pc,O a33 2q8,O a0e 2q8,O 9su 2q8,O 9pd 2q8,O 9pd 2og,O 9s2 2og,O a0e 2og,O a33 2og,O a33 2r5,O a0e 2r5,O 9tq 2r5,O 9r6 2r5,O 9oh 2r5
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Water(how fast can you beat it!)
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