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 quick track

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PostSubject: quick track   quick track Icon_minitimeMon Dec 08, 2008 2:58 pm

this is a quick track i made.
go fast after the jump with the triangles and youll go through the wall

-18 1i 18 1i,u 1h oc 1h 17g fj 244 fj 1li v7 2um v7,2i8 fm 39m fm,241 fp 29a 8t,2i7 fm 2du 93 2hl 93 2hi 6d,254 6d 254 96 297 8t,1v9 kv 25p kv,1ro og 244 og,1oj rl 21s rl,262 kp 25v lk,24f o7 254 ni 25j oa 254 p8 25p p8,239 rc 23i rl 236 s7 23f sg 22q ta,23l gg 26b gg,1tq mh 1ui m8 1vi mb 20o mj 223 mp 23k ms 252 mr 26i mp 283 mm 29j ml,2e0 n2 2ff mu 2gp mm 2hv mf 2j3 mc 2ka mf 2ld ml 2mh mk 2nn mf,255 6f 29c 6h,2hi 6f 2e0 6f,253 6f 24r 78 24c 85 23p 94 232 a1 228 av 21c bt 20i ck 1vj dc 1uo e0 1tu ei 1t5 f0 1sb fb 1rf fi 1qn fm,2hg 6f 2i3 79 2ir 85 2jn 95 2kh a0 2le as 2me bo 2ni cf 2oq d4,2on d4 2pg dj 2qk e5 2rl eh 2ss es 2u8 f4 2vo fa 315 ff 32k fj 342 fl 359 fn,29h ml 2aa mo 2b4 mt 2c2 n2 2cu n4 2dq n4 2ek n1,2ul v7 2pi nn 2ol od 2nn o2 2nj n7 2nc n1 2nm me,2i7 fm 2n3 kd,2nk mf 2og mf 2pk mg 2qm ml 2rl mu 2sk nc 2te nq 2ua oa 2v4 ou,2v5 p0 30d pq 31c qq 328 ru 333 t4 342 ud 351 vn 368 10r 37c 11l 38n 12f 39s 12t 3b5 136 3cc 138 3df 13b 3ei 13d 3fj 13f 3gm 13m 3hr 14b 3ie 155 3i7 169 3h6 171 3fr 179 3ea 175 3cq 16o 3bj 167 3ad 15g,3ad 15g 397 14h 384 13g 374 12f 363 11h 353 10n 340 vq,340 vq 330 uv 323 u8 316 tg 30e sn 2vn rs 2uu qv 2u2 pu 2t3 oq 2s5 o3 2r7 nu 2qb ns 2pc nj 2oj na 2nr n2,2nm n1 2n3 n2,2nf mu 2o9 n4,3ge 179 2gh 179,3es 179 4ot 179,38v fk 3ia fk 3mv fk,4ol 179 4ph 179 4qn 174 4s1 16q 4t9 16d 4uo 15u 505 15i 51m 156 53c 14l 554 145 56u 13j 58p 132 5al 12b 5cg 11h 5eb 10p 5g1 vr 5hm ut,3mg fj 3vr fj 6al fj,5hk v0 6n4 fo,6aj fh 59h rb 4s7 fh,6n3 fn 7hg fn 809 bv 809 fj 7hk fm,88k bl 8li f3 884 f3 88k bl,808 fh 7vp i6 7o0 v4 8fc v4,8fs v4 885 f3,8fr v3 8c7 v3,835 o6 823 ov 81k q7 828 rf 83v rg 84o qh 84g po 847 ov 83o oe 838 o8,831 p4 82n pg 82r po 833 q0 83g q0 83l pr 83n pc 83e p6 836 p1 831 p4,835 pb 831 pe 831 ph 836 pj 839 pg,838 pc 835 pc 835 ph,836 ph 836 pe 82u pe,831 pg 835 pg 838 pl,836 pc 838 ph,82f qm 83v qm,82k qk 82n r0 82s qm,83d qn 83g qu 83i qm,833 qp 835 qu 838 qn,835 qr 831 qn,820 qu 7tb s9 89a sb 83t qr,7v8 sb 7tl tc 7sv v1,82a s9 80t tj 80n v3,85d sb 86i te 86k v4,880 se 88j tc 88o us,86g rq 86q qr 87b r6 86s s3 86g rp,85a ri 85k qd 860 qn 85n rk 85c rf,814 q9 81b r8 80t rb 80q qd 812 q7,7va r5 7vd ru 7vu rn 7vn qh 7vc qf 7va ra,14g cq 155 d6 15s di 16l dv 17e ec 186 eh 191 eo 19u ev 1ar f6 1bp fa 1cl fb 1dh fd 1ec fe 1f5 ff 1fs ff 1gj fg 1h6 fg 1ho fh 1ip fn,17e ec 183 f8,8lg f1 9t3 f1 9t3 en,9t3 ev a6r ev,a6p ev agh ev a34 3d,883 f1 881 bl 88c bu,88l bl 87v bd 87v bo#1ue lm 1uk lm,a9d 5n a9o 10 aaa 2t aao 1i ab1 4t,abr 49 abr 2i abc 1l,abo 2l aco 10,ad9 16 adf 46,aci 1i ael 1f,aeo 4c af3 1t,af1 2o ahf 2f,ah3 19 ah6 4i,ab7 5f aa1 6k ab1 7k,abu 69 abf 73 abr 7k aco 6n,aco 6k aaa 63,ad4 7k ad4 6k adl 7c adr 66,aer 7h aer 5q afc 63,ael 6t afc 6n,afu 6n ag3 76,afu 5t afu 63,agu 70 agl 66 agr 5q,ahc 6n ahl 5n ai0 6c ai3 5n aic 6k,aj3 6c aio 5f aj9 4q,ajc 4q ajq 5n,aji 5k aio 5n,al0 4t akf 5q akt 6f al3 40,akt 6c al9 5n,aa1 -6g a7a -4l abl -3a aaf -4r aa1 -4u,adf -6o ac9 -5j adu -3m afc -57,aeo -5g ad7 -67,ahf -6g aho -4a,agi -6d aht -6g,aj0 -4l air -6l,aj3 -5d ajf -67 ak3 -5g ak3 -4d,akt -4u akn -5o alc -6i,am0 -6d ali -51 am3 -4d amk -5o,ami -5u alt -6d,amf -6d anc -4r ant -5a ao9 -6d,ape -6g aoh -57 ap6 -4g aq6 -54 apn -6a aqt -31 apt -37,are -5g aqn -8d,ar9 -6g arh -7d ast -64 at3 -5a,ag1 -2r agu -g ahi -2d aif -j,aic -1d aio -34,aji -14 ajt -34 al3 -17,ajl -2d akf -2a,akn -3a alc -1a,all -37 amc -u,8km 36 8kd 6f,8km 3c 8mj 3i,8jv 53 8na 4t,8or 4l 8o1 5n 8p4 6n,8p4 6k 8pr 50 8p4 4i,8pr 4t 8q1 69,8rr 4n 8q1 5q 8rj 6c 8qr 70,8su 3l 8su 5q,8s7 56 8ud 4q,91c 50 926 2f 939 46,926 3q 92l 3q,96c 20 94u 30 966 40,969 40 94i 50,9ak 3t 9af 2f 999 13,9an 2l 9bc -a,9bt 2f 9b6 3l 9bq 49,9de 39 9dh 36,9c3 2i 9ck 39 9bq 46,9ck 26 9d3 40 9dc 43 9ee 2c,8vo 59 8uo 7f 90i 90,91u 6n 911 8c 91u 93,91u 8n 921 73,921 8t 92i 80,93u 93 93o 6t 94f 8k 94f 70,8rg ab 8rl eh,8rd a9 90r d8,90f cq 8rr dk,92c bk 91c ch 924 e0 92l d0,92l ct 92c bt,93i dq 93c be,93f bn 949 dh 94f bh,956 at 95i cq,956 ch 96l c5,99f a9 986 bk 99n cq 983 dq,9an b3 9b6 cq,9a3 cb 9bf c0,9d9 b0 9bt bn 9d0 d3,9d3 ct 9dq bt,9dq bn 9dc b0,9fe cn 9et at 9ft at 9fb c8#T a0k do,T 9uc ef,T 9v5 ds,T a29 dq,T a4l ds,T a77 e0,T a8r e4,T abh e2,T adi e8,T aeu ed,O 87c q5,O 87j p4,O 87o od,O 895 k5,O 88r ku,O 885 n3,O 882 nk,O 874 qn,O 876 jj,O 86v k2,O 86k l1,O 868 m2,O 865 n2,O 85r od,O 861 q4,O 7vv k3,O 801 kn,O 809 lq,O 80g mt,O 80j oa,O 80s pm,O 7ut kq,O 7ut m1,O 7uu m7,O 7vc nn,O 7vd p1,O 7vg q0
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Pro Freerider

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PostSubject: Re: quick track   quick track Icon_minitimeMon Dec 08, 2008 6:37 pm

Good start, continue!
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quick track
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