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 MythBusters, Bikes! IN!

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Max Xtreme X2
high moderator- freerider
high moderator- freerider

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Registration date : 2008-11-30

PostSubject: MythBusters, Bikes! IN!   Sun Dec 07, 2008 11:14 am

Myth: If you ride fast enough, when you ride off the track, you will be going so fast that you would actually leivate and stay in the same position as you were when you rode off the track.

Step 1: YOU have to make a track that either proves this myth right or wrong, and since there is only two possible solutions to this myth tyhere are only two results. Also, you only have limited materials:
1: Infinite boost power ups
2: Two road ways
3: One Scenery Line
4: One Slow Motion Clock (Opitional)

Please vote on your results in the poll and post the tracks you made here.

My name is Max Xtreme, and this is my end...

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peanut butta

Number of posts : 575
Age : 26
Location : Skippy Jar
Registration date : 2008-11-30

PostSubject: Re: MythBusters, Bikes! IN!   Sun Dec 07, 2008 11:18 am

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Pro Freerider
Pro Freerider

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Age : 22
Location : In the forests of Alaska!!!
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PostSubject: Re: MythBusters, Bikes! IN!   Tue Dec 16, 2008 9:02 am


-18 1i 18 1i 8sm 1i,c4e 1i g48 1i#8sm 1i c4e 1i#B -a u 2q,B 8l6 k 2q,B 8me k 2q,B 8o0 k 2q,B 8ou k 2q,B 8q6 k 2q,B 8n2 u 2q,B 8pi 18 2q,B 8ks u 2q,B 8ic u 2q,B 8fi u 2q,B 8d2 u 2q,B 8b6 u 2q,B 890 u 2q,B 86g u 2q,B 83c u 2q,B 80i u 2q,B 7to u 2q,B 7s6 u 2q,B 7p2 u 2q,B 7lk u 2q,B 7i6 u 2q,B 7e4 u 2q,B 7b0 u 2q,B 78g u 2q,B 76k u 2q,B 744 u 2q,B 710 u 2q,B 6ts u 2q,B 6qo u 2q,B 6n0 u 2q,B 6i0 u 2q,B 6fg u 2q,B 6cc u 2q,B 6ag u 2q,B 672 u 2q,B 648 u 2q,B 5uu u 2q,B 61e 18 2q,B 5so u 2q,B 5pk u 2q,B 5mg u 2q,B 5jm u 2q,B 5gi u 2q,B 5fa u 2q,B 5d4 u 2q,B 5au u 2q,B 58o u 2q,B 55u u 2q,B 53e u 2q,B 50a u 2q,B 4o6 u 2q,B 4l2 u 2q,B 4j6 u 2q,B 4ha u 2q,B 4ds u 2q,B 4a4 u 2q,B 47a u 2q,B 44q u 2q,B 3tk u 2q,B 43s u 2q,B 41m u 2q,B 3v6 u 2q,B 3re u 2q,B 3p8 u 2q,B 3n2 u 2q,B 3m4 u 2q,B 3l6 u 2q,B 3j0 u 2q,B 3eu u 2q,B 3dm u 2q,B 3d2 u 2q,B 3bq u 2q,B 3as u 2q,B 39u u 2q,B 390 u 2q,B 37o u 2q,B 358 u 2q,B 32e u 2q,B 2um u 2q,B 2s6 u 2q,B 2p2 u 2q,B 2mi u 2q,B 2kc u 2q,B 2h8 u 2q,B 2ci u 2q,B 28q u 2q,B 25c u 2q,B 22s u 2q,B 1ve u 2q,B 1su u 2q,B 1qe u 2q,B 1n0 u 2q,B 1j8 u 2q,B 1fq u 2q,B 1d0 u 2q,B 19s u 2q,B 180 u 2q,B 164 u 2q,B 148 u 2q,B 114 18 2q,B ua 18 2q,B qi 18 2q,B ne 18 2q,B m6 18 2q,B ku 18 2q,B gi 18 2q,B d4 18 2q,B aa 18 2q,B 84 18 2q,B 5u 18 2q,B 42 18 2q,B 26 18 2q
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PostSubject: Re: MythBusters, Bikes! IN!   

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MythBusters, Bikes! IN!
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