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 MythBusters, BMX!

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Max Xtreme X2
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high moderator- freerider

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PostSubject: MythBusters, BMX!   Sat Dec 06, 2008 3:25 pm

I got this myth off a website so don't start wineing about how it sucks.

Myth: Streets and roads arte for cars ONLY.

Step 1: The goal to prove this myth wrong is to finish this track in under 5 tries in under 40 seconds:

-18 1i 18 1i,g 1i fv 1i,fv 1j fv 1t j3 1t j3 1j,j4 1j m3 1j q0 1j q0 2c q5 2c q5 1j rs 1j rs 2h s1 2h s1 1e,g2 1h g6 1a j1 1m,g2 1h ir 1t j2 1n,s2 1e s7 1e s7 2h sc 2h sc 19 sh 19 sh 2h sm 2h sm 14 sr 14 sr 2h t0 2h t0 v t5 v t5 2h ta 2h ta q tf q tf 2h tp 2h u8 2h u8 1j un 1j vl 1j,ve 1j 107 1j 10d 1u 10q 21 112 2d 11b 2d 11j 2l 122 2h 12b 2e 12o 25 134 26 13b 1v 149 1v,14a 1s 15n 1s 1b1 1s,1b1 1l 1ek 1l,1ek 1f 1jk 1f 1n2 1f,1ek 1e 1ek 1l,1b1 1k 1b1 1r,1ir 1f 1ir 1c,1jp 1f 1jp 1c,1is 1b 1jo 1b,1k8 1e 1k7 1b 1lf 1b 1lf 1e,1m0 1e 1m0 1b 1nn 1b,1mv 1e 1oh 1e,1nm 1b 1nm 1e,1of 1e 1r9 1e 209 1e,201 1e 2av 1e 2bd 1k 2bg 1u 2bs 22 2cf 24 2cs 1t 2d5 1l 2de 1j 2g3 1j 2j7 1j 2k5 1j 2k5 1t 2pa 1t 2pa 1j 2tm 1j,1pu 1e 1qg 1d 1r3 1c 1rn 1a 1sc 19 1t2 18 1ts 15 1uj 18 1vd 1b 205 1b 214 16 21u 17 22k 1a 239 1d 23t 1c 24q 19 25r 1a 26p 1c 27j 1b 288 19 27o 17 28b 17 28t 1a 29e 1e 2a7 1g 2as 1e,2tj 1j 31l 1j 345 1j,344 1l 4fk -186,4fp -18b 5c0 -18b 6l1 ak,6op al 6p0 ae 6pa aa 6pg a9 6pb ae 6p9 ak,6q1 aj 6q8 ac 6qe a8 6qj a8 6qe ac 6qb aj,6qb ah 6qa al,6q2 ai 6pv al,6qp ak 6qv ae,6qt ag 6qm am,6qu ag 6r7 a9 6re a5 6ri a4 6re a9 6ra af 6r7 am,6rl am 6rt ae 6s3 aa 6sb a6,6sd a6 6s9 aa 6s6 af 6s5 am,6sj al 6so ae 6sv a9 6t3 a7 6sv ab 6st af 6ss al,6t8 al 6tj ae 6ts aa 6u2 a8 6tt ad 6tp aj,6tr af 6to al,6u7 al 6ue ac 6ul a7 6uj ac 6ug al,6uq ak 6v1 ab 6v8 a7 6v4 ac 6v0 al,6ur ai 6uo am,6va ak 6vi ae 6vu a7 704 a5 6vu ad 6vp am,6ve ah 6v7 al,703 al 70b ac 70j a7 70n a6 70k aa 70g ah 70f am 6l2 am 6kv aj,70a am 797 am,792 al 8u8 al,8u1 aj kbl aj,kbj ah kbj 49,kas 49 kce 49 kd5 3n kd5 2u kco 2a kb6 2a kag 2s kag 3l kas 46,kbp 2n kb4 2n kb4 36 kbp 36 kbp 3h kba 3h,kbu 3h kbv 2t,kbp 33 kc3 37,kc4 38 kc1 3f kc6 3k kcb 3c kc4 39,kcd 3r kce 3b kco 3a,kcp 3a kcp 3g kce 3k#2p9 1k 2k4 1k#T k9m 91,B h2e 9q 2q,B gqk 9q 2q,B get 9q 2q,B g0r 9q 2q,B fkb 9q 2q,B f5g 9q 2q,B ep0 9q 2q,B e7q 9q 2q,B e2b 9q 2q,B dl2 9q 2q,B da4 9q 2q,B cvv 9q 2q,B cl1 9q 2q,B cas 9q 2q,B c29 9q 2q,B bd6 9q 2q,B b4j 9q 2q,B ar7 9q 2q,B adu 9q 2q,B aaq 9q 2q,B a4i 9q 2q,B 9r6 9q 2q,B 9hq 9q 2q,B 98e 9q 2q,B 8u9 9q 2q,B h50 9l 2q

All you get is 40 seconds. All you get is 5 tries.

More info:
Manhole (opened): -18 1i 18 1i,-18 1h 2t 1h 2t 1r 5s 1r 5s 1h 5j 1q,5s 1h 79 1h,5i 1q 2t 1g 34 18 5o 1k##
Cracks: -18 1i 18 1i,-17 1j 21 1j 21 31 27 31 27 1j 2d 1j 2d 31 2j 31 2j 17 2p 17 2p 1j 3m 1j##
Potholes: -18 1i 18 1i,-18 1h 1o 1h 21 1l 22 1u 2f 25 2s 22 34 24 3c 1t 3m 1m 48 1l 4m 1l##
Mabhole (Closed): -18 1i 18 1i,15 1i 5a 1i,42 1i 42 1c 28 1c 28 1i##
Raised Ground: -18 1i 18 1i,14 1i 1t 1i 1t 1d 43 1d 43 18 5l 18##
Rocks/Dirt: -18 1i 18 1i,14 1i 5v 1i,1e 1i 20 1f 2i 1g 35 1c 3n 1h 4a 1g 4s 1h 5b 1c 5u 1i##
Tire Spikes: -18 1i 18 1i,14 1i 3a 1i,1i 1i 1s 19 24 14 20 1b 1v 1i,26 1g 2a 18 2g 13 2e 1a 2c 1i,28 1c 25 1i,2f 1i 2i 1b 2p 16 2n 1d 2l 1i##
The Stop Sign: -18 1i 18 1i,-17 1i 5g 1i 5g 6 52 1 4t -c 57 -m 5m -q 5r -e 5u -8 5p 0 5g 4,57 -d 52 -c 52 -7,53 -7 58 -8 55 -3,58 -5 5b -g,56 -d 5c -d,5e -c 5c -8 5d -4 5f -8 5e -c,5g -4 5i -b 5m -c 5l -8 5h -6##B 1l r 2q,T 54 14

If you make it- The myth is Busted
If you make it, but over 5 tries (6 tries is the only exception) and under 40 seconds- The myth is plausible
If you make it, but over 40 seconds (50 secs is the only exception), and under 5 tries- The myth is plausible
If you DO NOT make it in under 5 tries AND 40 seconds- The myth is confirmed

NOTE: You must live for 5 seconds (this does NOT add to your time) after you get the star or else it would NOT count!

Please post comments and vote in the poll.

My name is Max Xtreme, and this is my end...
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peanut butta

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PostSubject: Re: MythBusters, BMX!   Sat Dec 06, 2008 4:04 pm

i did it on my 4th in 43.502 seconds.... plausible
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MythBusters, BMX!
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