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PostSubject: usergroups.   Wed Dec 03, 2008 5:07 pm

usergroups help determine how helpful you are to our site.
on the heading, below the big EDITBOARD.COM sign, you see buttons. one of them is the usergroup. click on it and advance to the next step.
you will see a button that says which one would you like to join.
so far only peanut butta and moderator group is open.
being in peanut butta's group allows you to be a moderator only for the peanut butta coloum.
a moderator has the same ability as a high moderator but no special rank.
a reg moderator will be watched by the admin more than the admin will watch the high moderator.
any "funny" editing other people's tracks result in a 2 day ban.
constant ban lead like this.
1st time : warning
2nd time : 2 day ban
3rd day : 3 day ban
4th day : stripped of rank and banned for a week.
a good moderator might lead to a promotion.

is it a bird? A plane? No! it is shinny to the rescue!

a detail a day keeps the criticizers away!

this site is better than the real freerider2 site!
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